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2/5/13 – Lock Out

Posted by TracFIT on February 6, 2013

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1) We’re seeing a lot of progression with the toes to bar skills.  If you think about toes to bar as only a “core” movement, you’ll be stuck.  Think about using your entire body, from your hands, shoulders, midline, hips, knees, and ankles as all working together to coordinate the movement.

Beyond the technical aspects of our training, the environment and the culture in which we train can make a huge difference on quality of the experience and the effectiveness of the workouts.  What we saw today was nothing short of excellent hard work, plain and simple.  Keep it up 101ers, we like what we’re seeing.

2) Tips:
Back Squat – Pull bar into your traps to keep the upper back tight.  Keep torso vertical by pushing the knees out.

Hand release burpees – “Go into the pain cave.”  Give yourself a realistic and challenging goal for reps.

Shoulder to overhead – Push press it and make the lock out clear by fully extending the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

Box Jumps – Rest on top, rebound on the bottom.  Stay close.  Clear the box each rep.  Step down as needed.

Main Group Workout
Hi Bar Back Squat 3×5 @ 70%, 3×3 % 80%

2:00min max hand release burpees

Then, 3 rounds of:
1:00min Shoulder to Overhead, 115/75lbs
30sec rest
1:00min Box Jumps, 24/20″
30sec rest

2:00min max hand release burpees

Record: Back Squat, 1st round burpees, Total Reps, 2nd round burpees

020513 Lock Out


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2/4/13 – Open Your Options

Posted by TracFIT on February 5, 2013

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1) So the 49ers didn’t win tonight. That holding call didn’t happen for them on the last play. And ultimately, they didn’t achieve their goal for the season. Is that the end of the organization? I think not. At this point, they have no control over the score, the non-call, nor the fact that they didn’t win the big game, but they do have control over how they let this experience affect them.

I’m confident the 49ers’ organization will reevaluate their performance today, reflect back upon a solid season, and move forward with the necessary adjustments and strategies to give themselves the best opportunity to succeed next year.

We may not be playing in the NFL, but we’re in a similar game of life. Will you let your failures define you? There are plenty of challenges in our lives that we should legitimately be concerned about, but how many of these challenges do we have direct influence over? Why focus our limited energy on what we can’t control, when there are opportunities within our control that we can have influence over?

Goal setting is important. Goal achievement is more important. But I believe the process on how we evaluate and re-assess our goals is the most important.

Next season Niners!

2) Tips:
3 position snatch: Build position, then speed. Watch this. Tell me what’s wrong with the technique here.

Power clean = Jump bar up with legs and hips. Let the shoulders lead the way in catching the bar.

Toes to bar = Push your body back and away from the bar.

Wall ball shots = Drive through the heels using hip opening. Elbows down and in.

Main Group Workout
7×1 3 position snatch (floor, hang, hi hang)

5 rounds:
2:00min AMRAP
5 power cleans, 165/110lbs
10 toes to bar
15 wall ball shots

(2:00min rest between rounds. Restart next round where you left off.)

020413 Open Your Options

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2/2/13 – SEALFIT

Posted by TracFIT on February 5, 2013

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We had scheduled this workout in advance, but after hearing about Navy SEAL CPO Chris Kyle’s death on Saturday, it was fitting that we had it done.


You’ve seen me write about mastery, practice, building habits that promote success, and being a part of a community that is driven by the pursuit of excellence and quality.

Now, I want you to read an excerpt from, Michael Ostrolenk, an “Unbeatable Mind” Coach from SEALFIT, a Navy SEAL catered CrossFit program.   I’ve never met Michael or have had any interaction with him, but I came across an article he wrote for the SEALFIT community yesterday.

I just want you to see that our ideas, although formed independently, converge and share many similarities because they are universal principles that can be applied to earn success in your fitness, your career, and most importantly your life.

When The First Seed is Planted

Most of us have been there. We attend a great weekend workshop, read a “transformational” book or have an enlightening session with our therapist or coach.

Things seems different; perhaps we have a new perspective, new set of behaviors to try out or more capacity in a particular line of development (such as increased emotional intelligence).

The world has seemingly changed for us – that is until Monday morning.The “reality” of our lives smacks us right into the changed state of consciousness and unfortunately “reality” wins.

By Monday afternoon, we revert back to our old habits and ways of being and thinking. The new state moves into the recesses of our memories. We had grasped it, but now for the most part it’s slipped away.

But it’s not really gone. It’s just moved from a particular state of consciousness to a particular stage or trait. While we would prefer to make these states and experiences flow permanently, they often seem fleeting and ungrounded in our day to day lives. It’s easy to fall back into our old habits and get lost in older, more established ways of being and thinking.

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way: Self-Mastery and Service

We can take flow states and turn them into more permanent traits and stages. In SEALFIT’s Unbeatable Mind Academy, we have two primary disciplines: self-mastery and service. It’s through these two disciplines that more permanent change is possible.

Self-Mastery has a variety of components, but a key unifying element is practice. Whatever led you to that particular flow state is reproducible with continual practice.

That practice – including meditation, yoga, dance, martial arts, mental mapping, prayer, somatic movement practices, inter-personal engagement, journaling and more – needs to be mastered.

In order to “master” a practice as a trait or stage of development, it’s extremely helpful to join a community of practitioners in some form. As a part of a community (i.e. a team, family, etc.) you’re serving a greater good, and have the opportunity to ingrain your new “habit” of body/mind into your particular community. That way there is an expectation within that community that you will have particular ways of being, thinking and behaving.

The more ingrained in the culture, the more opportunity you will have in grounding it into your own body/mind. Likewise, the more ingrained into your own system, the more it can become ingrained in your culture. It’s a nice and useful feedback loop.

So, find a community to help you move from a “cool,” flow state to creating a new way of being, thinking and doing. Hold them accountable and be held accountable.

Michael ‘Sting Ray’ Ostrolenk

SEALFIT Unbeatable Mind Coach

Main Group Workout
50 Back Squats, 135/95lbs

SEALFIT Conditioning
For time:
Zanker Rd. Run

3 rounds of:
50 mountain climbers, 4 count
25 burpees
15 strict pull ups

Zanker Rd. Run


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